How to properly place everything in the kitchen: the main storage areas


A cozy, but small kitchen is not a problem for the hostess, who knows all the secrets of the rational distribution of things, useful utensils. A headset (even the largest one) cannot successfully accommodate all items and accessories

Appliances, utensils and other accessories should be placed at hand. But this does not mean that you will literally “stumble” over every thing. How to organize space in the kitchen

The “triangle” rule (refrigerator, stove and sink connected by lines form a geometric figure) no longer works in the kitchen. These are outdated ideas about ergonomics. Modern layouts make it possible to interpret the "triangle" in zoning, that is, the rational distribution of individual parts of the kitchen according to their functionality. Every thing should have its place. Therefore, we rather declare war on kitchen riots and organize the space according to all the rules!

Zoning Benefits

Not sure how to organize storage in the kitchen? Don't want to spoil your lovingly thought-out interior? Then mentally "divide" the kitchen - let each zone in it be functional. By the way, this method has many advantages:

saving time during cleaning - you can clean surfaces from dirt in each zone separately;

the ability to competently organize the space and not push with other family members - every square centimeter is rationally filled;

a holistic, unique interior design is preserved - kitchen utensils do not lie in prominent places, do not spoil the appearance of the main place in the house.

The benefits of zoning in the kitchen

Any layout allows you to make a qualitative division of the kitchen into three key areas: food preparation, preparation of ingredients, washing, refrigeration center. We present a good and fascinating overview that will help you place all the accessories and products in their zones, keep the perfect order.

Cooking area

This is the area near the stove, oven, multicooker, that is, equipment for preparing various dishes. It is also called the “cooking center” and is used for pots, stewpans, braziers, frying pans, spatulas, cooking spoons, ladles, tongs and other useful tools that are indispensable in the culinary process. The center of "attraction" are the hobs. For storage of overall utensils, the lower cabinets of the kitchen set are used. The top small drawers are suitable for placing small culinary tools that should always be at hand. Left-handed people should place kitchen utensils in the cabinets on the right, and right-handed people, on the contrary, on the left.

Important! Pots and pans, other large dishes are cramped only in the headset. Therefore, for them, you can take out a separate corner cabinet with special fittings that move out on roller guides.

How to organize a cooking area in the kitchen

And here is another useful life hack. Use additional ones (in neutral silver shades). They will replace the shelves and are suitable for storing dishes in the culinary area.

The vertical system is the most ergonomic solution. Dishes can also be placed on narrow shelves along the door space. It is necessary to use every centimeter of free territory in order to properly distribute kitchen utensils. In addition to pull-out racks and corner drawers, special durable perforated panels can be purchased. It is easy to place not only ladles and spoons on them, but also small frying pans (for scrambled eggs, for pancakes), which are used every day. They will be at hand, but will not become an extra "stumbling block" in your kitchen. And bulky lids from saucepans and other utensils can be placed behind a horizontal plastic bar attached to the wall.

Food preparation area

A well-organized zoning process is the secret to a rational layout of your kitchen. Before sending products to the oven or slow cooker, they must be cut somewhere, mixed according to all culinary rules. The training area usually contains:

deep bowls and bowls;

cutting boards;


blenders, mixers, food processors, electric meat grinders, multifunctional graters;

beaters and knives;

kitchen scales and special storage containers;

foil, cling film and other useful accessories.

How to organize a cooking area in the kitchen

The place of the preparatory zone is on the countertop not far from the stove. But to place all the equipment and utensils on it is not possible. Here are interesting ideas that will help make storage as convenient and ergonomic as possible:

 - the main tools for cutting ingredients are very easy to place on the wall with a special tool. Magnetic holders come in different sizes, but always remain relevant. They fit perfectly into such interior styles as hi-tech and loft.

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