Black water rabbit (cat) as a symbol of 2023


By the way, there is a lot of truth in this. Astrologers are sure that a cute and harmless symbol will make 2023 one of the happiest and calmest in recent decades.

Symbol of the Year 2023

Affectionate, smart, brave, affectionate cute rabbit is an animal that will give everyone a new stage in life. Nepotism is one of the main features of the owner of the coming year. He gladly patronizes patriarchal relations, stands up for the upbringing of children, the hearth, the joint arrangement of the house and the solution of everyday problems.

The black water rabbit symbol of 2023 will be a great ally for numerous couples in love who intend to tie the knot.

Characteristics of the sign

The black water rabbit (cat) is the symbol of 2023 according to the lunar Chinese calendar. The atmosphere of complacency and tranquility is his "credo". The dominant element is water, which personifies flexibility, predictability, a measured flow of time without confusion and sharp declines.

The main color of the year according to the eastern calendar is black. It denotes perseverance, strength, purposefulness. The rabbit is not a predator, but it encourages a strong character.

The lunar Chinese calendar reveals the secrets of 2023 from the numerological side. The main number of the new symbol is seven. It denotes wisdom, a propensity to gain knowledge, boundless determination.

Characteristics of the symbol of the year 2023

The soft and peaceful black water rabbit symbolizes dexterity and fertility, tries to avoid conflicts and difficulties. He is always gentle and kind. This animal in the eastern calendar denotes the energy of the Tree and the element of Yin.

By the way, a water rabbit or a cat is a very rare guest who comes once every sixty years. The last time he brought complacency to homes and peacefulness to the nations was in 1963. It is the “troika” that denotes the appearance of a fluffy rabbit. But you should not associate a good-natured animal with a black cat, which always becomes a bad omen. The Chinese calendar has nothing to do with any superstitions. A fluffy cat, like a rabbit, should not be afraid.

People born under this sign are always attentive to others. They easily go through life and look at the world with a positive attitude. A great sense of humor, complaisance, gentleness are important features of the representatives of the "rabbit" sign. Executive employees, charming in relationships - they never go unnoticed by superiors and the opposite sex. "Rabbits" - the soul of any company, which has a positive effect on their lives, helps to achieve success in various fields. Here is a positive description of the sign.

What will the year of the water black rabbit bring according to the Chinese calendar

The new owner, before whose arrival there is very little time left, is ready to please everyone with positive, peaceful days, a calm and friendly atmosphere. Let's figure out what to expect; from a fluffy rabbit in black. A charming animal will bring into our lives:

peace and stability, constancy and balance - the year will not be nervous, many experiences will remain in the past;

strengthening family ties - the birth of children, the conclusion of a marriage union for the Rabbit is a priority. In 2023, those who were going to get married should definitely do it. The patron of the year will increase prosperity, love, strengthen bonds;

harmony and peace - no disagreements and scandals, only compromises and concessions. The Rabbit is always looking for solutions to conflicts, does not accept lies and hypocrisy, "calls" everyone to peace agreements;

travel and vivid impressions - do not deny yourself positive emotions in the coming year;

passionate love - on the personal front, many will find the changes that they have long dreamed of.

What will 2023 bring

Dating, reconciling, getting married, giving birth and raising children - this is what you should devote the coming year to. But don't forget about your career. The black rabbit will definitely help the most purposeful and optimistic people achieve the desired result in the profession. True, risking everything in the hope of hitting the jackpot is still not worth it. The symbol of 2023 stands for reasonable stability and peace, gives prosperity and strongly encourages the creation of a family. Close people are his priority.

It is better not to plan grandiose events for the year. The cat (aka Rabbit) does not accept sudden movements and "bends" of fate. It is worth spending time in a pleasant routine. But for building personal relationships focused on the family, this time is very good. Large-scale career advancement is not to be expected. But fate will favor representatives of various professions, including teachers, lawyers and psychologists, that is, humanitarians.

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